Carrot or stick?

rules are rules
The great bicycle-discussion in Oslo at the moment is about how to handle the (few) bicyclists that exist. Should they be punished with a 900kr fine for biking on red, or should they be rewarded for biking instead of driving?

This is clearly a result of the lacking culture for using bicycling as a mean of transport in the city. The common Norwegian thought of bicycling is that it’s something you do for your own entertainment and fitness. Neither bicyclists, drivers or pedestrians are adjusted to handle bicycles as a natural part of the urban transport. (Not to forget that many of the bicyclists that dare to bike in the car traffic are either fearless or extreme sport-enthusiasts.)

And here we have one of the main differences between Oslos and Copenhagens bicycle culture. Where Oslo lacks both clear rules/common thoughts of how to bike in the city as well as respectable bicycle space in the streets, Copenhagen has rules and regulations that goes along with the highly developed bicycle transport network.

No wonder people get frustrated. How do one react to something there’s no room for?

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