Kobra on bicycle culture

The Swedish television show Kobra has made this nice program on the rise of global bicycle culture. The interviewed people are a photographer of Rouleur, Camille McMillan, the blogger and “the danish bicycle ambassador”, Mikael Coolville-Andersen, Talking Heads front man, artist and bicycle enthusiast, David Byrne, and the Danish architecture firm Gehl Arhchitects which got the task of making Mexico City cyclist-friendly. Some of the talking is in Swedish, but most of the stories are actually in English, so you non-scandinavians can still enjoy parts of it, and I recommend you do.

Click here to see the show. (The show is available until June 15th 2010.)

"...but when they get on their bikes they become fluid...poetry" - Camille McMillan


Copenhagen Cycle Chic COP15-competition

Just to mention, for those of you in Copenhagen these days; now you can win this beauty of a bicycle from Velobris. Go to Copenhagen Cycle Chic, enter 25 words, and maybe you’ll be the lucky one bringing some Danish chicness to your hometown.