The Norwegian Cyclist – Media’s Portrait

Once again the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten gives a portrait of the typical Oslo cyclist. Is it to give the cyclists more respect in the traffic, or to help their already poor image? Probably not. Medias has an underestimated power in shaping peoples stance. When will they focus on the important issues of mobility, access to the road, motorists attitude and environmental effects of bicycling?

The sportscyclists as portrayed here, bike in any weather, and they’re definitely not representatives for Oslos population…
Hopefully the spring brings more style to the streets!

Aftenposten Aften, 23.3.2010


No bicycle city

A couple of weeks ago this image dumped into my inbox twice, from two different friends… It’s an article from a Norwegian newspaper telling about the top five and bottom five bicycle cities in Norway. Of course Oslo is in the bottom five. :(

It’s definitely a contributing factor that the newspapers write more and more about the issue, but there’s a long way to the top. And the Norwegian top is probably not even close to the standard of bicycle cities around the world. We need some new and greater goals, and a kick in the ass!