Minneapolis ftw

This video on Streetfilms explains all the buzz about Minneapolis lately… There are apparently great things going on in the Scandinavian friendly city up north… (despite their climate!)

What caught my particular attention, was the trend of bike coffeeshops! Apparently there are quite a few of this kind in the city. Lately I’ve been thinking that this would be a great thing to start in Oslo, but for now it’s just a vision. Maybe someone will get inspired by MN, and bring the vision to life sometime in the nearer future… It would most definitely make a change in how we look upon bikes in Oslo, and serve as a, in my opinion, needed meeting point and social arena.

Bike coffee shop in Minneapolis

A bike workshop and great coffee. What a fabulous combination!

bike + coffee = true

The motorized states of America are cycling more than ever. Hopefully the trend rubs off on the rest of us.