Detroit Bike City

This is such a nice mini-documentary made about riding bikes in Detroit.

“There’s not many things better than riding a bike in life”


Tour de everywhere

Get inspired – get riding!

Bikes and music – Events in Oslo spring/summer/fall 2011

– 29.: Critical Mass


– 14.: Sykkelens dag (arr: SLF)
– 17.: National Day, 17. mai for alle @ Kubaparken
– 27.: Critical Mass

– 4.: Oslo Miljøfestival (arr: Grønn Hverdag)
– 4.: Musikkens dag
– 9.-13.: Norwegian Wood
– 24.: Critical Mass

– 9.-13.: Øyafestivalen
– 15.-20.: Oslo Jazzfestival
– 26.: Critical Mass

– 30.: Critical Mass

– 28.: Critical Mass

Spring’s first Critical Mass in Oslo Friday April 29th!

Bring a bike and join the season’s first Critical Mass downtown Oslo this friday. Meet up by the stairs in front of the palace at five pm. For more info see this facebook-event.

And more events to come…

Maya Pedal – Bicimáquinas

This video speaks for itself. Nice example of slow life…


You’ll find more info about the project here:

Bicycle Film Festival – you’re welcome up north

Here’s a list of most of the filmfestivals in Norway: Something’s missing.

The Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) celebrated it’s 10th anniversary last year, and it would be nice to see Norway and Sweden on the list sometime in the future…

Bicycles day 2010 – Oslo

Yesterday was Bicycles day  (Sykkelens dag) downtown Oslo. I joined a small and nice bike ride (somewhat like Critical Mass) from Birkelunden to Rådhusplassen, organized by Syklistenes landsforening

Bike to work or Tour de Finance

Today is the start of the two month “Bike to work”-campaign in Norway. It’s arranged by the corporate sports, and is the largest national action with the aim of motivating people to move and be active.

Bike to work 2010

It’s a good campaign, and it seems to be quite popular in Oslo. There’s no doubt, Norwegians are competitive. And any chance to show strenght and/or win something will trigger the Norwegian adventurer…

But there’s one catch. Where will they bike?
Yesterday I tried out a couple of hundred meters of the famous (and notorious) Tour de Finance-road, going from the west to the centre of Oslo. It was indeed an interesting experience. For those of you not knowing anything about this stretch, it is the most used “bikepath” in Oslo. I say “bikepath”, cause it really isn’t. Large parts of the stretch are shared with pedestrians. You might think that shared is not to bad… but it most definitely is. Especially when you continuously meet groups like this:

Illustration photo. (But quite close to the truth...)

Last week someone presented the idea of making a four lane path along the “Tour de Finance”-distance, dividing bicyclists and pedestrians. After my experience yesterday, I think it would be the only reasonable thing to do! Give bicyclists space, and many many more will pedal to work.

Minneapolis ftw

This video on Streetfilms explains all the buzz about Minneapolis lately… There are apparently great things going on in the Scandinavian friendly city up north… (despite their climate!)

What caught my particular attention, was the trend of bike coffeeshops! Apparently there are quite a few of this kind in the city. Lately I’ve been thinking that this would be a great thing to start in Oslo, but for now it’s just a vision. Maybe someone will get inspired by MN, and bring the vision to life sometime in the nearer future… It would most definitely make a change in how we look upon bikes in Oslo, and serve as a, in my opinion, needed meeting point and social arena.

Bike coffee shop in Minneapolis

A bike workshop and great coffee. What a fabulous combination!

bike + coffee = true

The motorized states of America are cycling more than ever. Hopefully the trend rubs off on the rest of us.

Kobra on bicycle culture

The Swedish television show Kobra has made this nice program on the rise of global bicycle culture. The interviewed people are a photographer of Rouleur, Camille McMillan, the blogger and “the danish bicycle ambassador”, Mikael Coolville-Andersen, Talking Heads front man, artist and bicycle enthusiast, David Byrne, and the Danish architecture firm Gehl Arhchitects which got the task of making Mexico City cyclist-friendly. Some of the talking is in Swedish, but most of the stories are actually in English, so you non-scandinavians can still enjoy parts of it, and I recommend you do.

Click here to see the show. (The show is available until June 15th 2010.)

"...but when they get on their bikes they become fluid...poetry" - Camille McMillan