Detroit Bike City

This is such a nice mini-documentary made about riding bikes in Detroit.

“There’s not many things better than riding a bike in life”


Tour de everywhere

Get inspired – get riding!

Bikes and music – Events in Oslo spring/summer/fall 2011

– 29.: Critical Mass


– 14.: Sykkelens dag (arr: SLF)
– 17.: National Day, 17. mai for alle @ Kubaparken
– 27.: Critical Mass

– 4.: Oslo Miljøfestival (arr: Grønn Hverdag)
– 4.: Musikkens dag
– 9.-13.: Norwegian Wood
– 24.: Critical Mass

– 9.-13.: Øyafestivalen
– 15.-20.: Oslo Jazzfestival
– 26.: Critical Mass

– 30.: Critical Mass

– 28.: Critical Mass

Spring’s first Critical Mass in Oslo Friday April 29th!

Bring a bike and join the season’s first Critical Mass downtown Oslo this friday. Meet up by the stairs in front of the palace at five pm. For more info see this facebook-event.

And more events to come…

Maya Pedal – Bicimáquinas

This video speaks for itself. Nice example of slow life…


You’ll find more info about the project here:

Bill Murray steals a bike

For more movie stars and their self-propelled vehicles, go to

Break is over…

I’m sorry about the incredibly long break. I’ll try to get the blog going again, step by step, and I’ll probably continue to write in both Norwegian and English, depending on the story…

I can start by telling you that I’m jumping on the bicycle sharing-trend that’s been spreading around the world the last couple of years, and which is growing fast as we speak. What city doesn’t want to be more livable and look sustainable these days? A “short-cut” to the top might seem to be by starting a bicycle sharing program. Many cities in Europe has one, including Oslo, and now cities even in the United States are getting their eyes on the new mode of transport.

Hopefully this isn’t just a passing trend, but one that will continue growing, and change the way we think of urban mobility.

Here’s an introduction about Velíb, the gigantic French system which made great success in no time. In Paris suddenly everyone bikes… dashingly helmetless.

Picture found here

Bicycle Film Festival – you’re welcome up north

Here’s a list of most of the filmfestivals in Norway: Something’s missing.

The Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) celebrated it’s 10th anniversary last year, and it would be nice to see Norway and Sweden on the list sometime in the future…

Cyclists of the day: Wildbirds & Peacedrums

They’ll play at Blå in Oslo on October 2nd …probably without the pretty bicycles.

(Listen to Wildbirds & Peacedrums here)

Bicycles day 2010 – Oslo

Yesterday was Bicycles day  (Sykkelens dag) downtown Oslo. I joined a small and nice bike ride (somewhat like Critical Mass) from Birkelunden to Rådhusplassen, organized by Syklistenes landsforening