– We just ride bicycles everywhere…

Originally posted as a comment, but I figured it deserved a post for itself. Mainly because of this wonderful comment.

“…there are a lot of really hot girls that just ride bicycles everywhere.”


Copenhagen 1937

I’m now spending my last days in Copenhagen before returning to the not so bicycle friendly city of Oslo. So it suits with this old travel video from 1937 (“Copenhagen – a FitzPatrick Traveltalk”). Look at the traffic – the bicycles, the tram, the walking people and the few cars. It seems like they all float together, though with a helping hand from the constable. An obvious change in the city image today is the absence of a tram, increase in amount of cars and the bicycle lanes and traffic lights, but the amount of bicyclists is still large. They’re everywhere, and you can still see people cycling with furniture in Copenhagen…

Enjoy this wonderful image of the Danish capital.

60’s bicycle safety… right? right

This quite strange and morbid little movie was made to encourage bicycle safety in 1963. It speaks for itself I’d say… and it’s definitely worth a watch. Enjoy!

One got fat (USA, 1963)
– by Edward Everett Horton Read more of this post

Copenhagen Cycle Chic COP15-competition

Just to mention, for those of you in Copenhagen these days; now you can win this beauty of a bicycle from Velobris. Go to Copenhagen Cycle Chic, enter 25 words, and maybe you’ll be the lucky one bringing some Danish chicness to your hometown.

I want to ride it where I like

The weekend is once again upon us, and it’s time for some more bicycle-entertainment… This time with Queen’s Bicycle race.

All I wanna do is…