Oslo is finally emerging… – Best city – Wallpaper*

Oslo is finally emerging from the long design shadow left by its illustrious neighbours, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

Wallpaper lists Oslo among the 5 best cities in its Design Awards 2011! Better late than never :)
The magazine is pointing out the gentrification of Grünerløkka which has made it the hippest neighbourhood in the city. So far, so true.

Meanwhile, gentrification of the district of Grünerløkka has turned it into the city’s hot ‘hood, full of delis, boutiques, bars, clubs and restaurants.

Even so, I’m guessing we’ll always be behind the rest when it comes to continental design and lifestyles…  That’s what makes it Oslo. – A city trying to be a part of Europe, but still the capital of the not so European Norway.

Oslo’s setting between a fjord and a national park, and its manageable size, only add to its appeal, while its ecological vision makes it one of the most environmentally friendly capitals in the world.


2 Responses to Oslo is finally emerging… – Best city – Wallpaper*

  1. Jan S says:

    “between a fjord and national park” — is the latter supposedly Nordmarka?

    • tuvs says:

      Yes, it probably is. :)

      I D2 tidligere har Wallpaper sagt føglende: “En av Oslos mest attraktive kvaliteter er hvor lett man kan bytte ut kunst, kultur, nattklubber og det urbane med fri natur.”

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