Bike to work or Tour de Finance

Today is the start of the two month “Bike to work”-campaign in Norway. It’s arranged by the corporate sports, and is the largest national action with the aim of motivating people to move and be active.

Bike to work 2010

It’s a good campaign, and it seems to be quite popular in Oslo. There’s no doubt, Norwegians are competitive. And any chance to show strenght and/or win something will trigger the Norwegian adventurer…

But there’s one catch. Where will they bike?
Yesterday I tried out a couple of hundred meters of the famous (and notorious) Tour de Finance-road, going from the west to the centre of Oslo. It was indeed an interesting experience. For those of you not knowing anything about this stretch, it is the most used “bikepath” in Oslo. I say “bikepath”, cause it really isn’t. Large parts of the stretch are shared with pedestrians. You might think that shared is not to bad… but it most definitely is. Especially when you continuously meet groups like this:

Illustration photo. (But quite close to the truth...)

Last week someone presented the idea of making a four lane path along the “Tour de Finance”-distance, dividing bicyclists and pedestrians. After my experience yesterday, I think it would be the only reasonable thing to do! Give bicyclists space, and many many more will pedal to work.


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