Cars of the future

Comment in the norwegian newspaper Dag og Tid ("Day and Time"), 5.2.2010

This talks for itself, but I’ll try to translate the comment as well as possible:
“HYBRID: India shows the way to the post-petroleum society with this pedal driven cabriolet on three wheels in Siliguri in east India. As good as emission free, and goes miles and miles just on a pile chapati… This environmental friendly model will be available in Norway by 2020, if todays oil extraction continues with the same speed.”


2 Responses to Cars of the future

  1. Jan S says:

    I need one of those with a snowplow in my bike. I have been considering taking a small shovel along in my backpack to clear those few spots that the snow removers miss along Ring three…

    • tuvs says:

      Sounds like a good idea, Jan.
      I just came home from Copenhagen yesterday, and got to see with my own two eyes what all the snow-hysteria was about. Not even close to Oslo style, that’s for sure. But the fact that there are no more salt left in the city, shows. Rumors say it will be a sad spring, blossom-wise.

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