60’s bicycle safety… right? right

This quite strange and morbid little movie was made to encourage bicycle safety in 1963. It speaks for itself I’d say… and it’s definitely worth a watch. Enjoy!

One got fat (USA, 1963)
– by Edward Everett Horton

Plot-description (wikipedia):

In the film, ten friends who are children with monkey masks and tails, plan on going to the park for a picnic. They all ride there on their bikes, but each one meets a different fate on their way to the park as a result of their failure to follow specific bike safety rules (like not making hand signals, not reading traffic signs, not riding with traffic, riding double, or riding on the sidewalk). One by one, each of the friends makes a mistake and suffers an interesting fate. In the end only one of the friends (who not only followed all the bike safety rules, but is also a normal human, whose face is not shown until the very end) makes it to the park and eats all the food by himself. Thus, as the title says, “One got fat!”

(If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, you can see clips from it with Boards of Canada-music here.)


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